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Last Updated: Sep 07, 2020

The following table describes the release notes of the SDK.

Version Description Download URL
0.2.7 Enables the user authentication api for the latest version of TSDB server hitsdb-client-0.2.7.jar
0.2.6 Removes the dependency on Guava, and supports the delta operator in single-valued subqueries. hitsdb-client-0.2.6.jar
0.2.5 Allows you to enable or disable recursive deletion of timelines, and supports deletion of MultiValue timelines. hitsdb-client-0.2.5.jar
0.2.4 Fixes the issue of circular reference in the serialization of LastPointQuery in JSON format. hitsdb-client-0.2.4.jar
0.2.3 Fixes the issue that filters cannot be set for MultiFieldSubQuery, and supports the preDpValue filter operator. hitsdb-client-0.2.3.jar
0.2.2 Supports submission of SQL queries. hitsdb-client-0.2.2.jar
0.2.1 Supports asynchronous writing of MultiValue models. hitsdb-client-0.2.1.jar
0.2.0 Supports MultiValue model related API operations. hitsdb-client-0.2.0.jar