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Version descriptions

Last Updated: Aug 23, 2018

SDK versions are described as follows:

Version Description Download SDK
0.0.13 Compatible with JDK 1.6, 1.7, and 1.8; adds master-slave client HiTSDBHAClient hitsdb-client-0.0.13.jar
0.0.12 Supports querying the Tag interface of a specificied metric; supports querying metric interfaces by Tags hitsdb-client-0.0.12.jar
0.0.10 Supports MultiValue writing and reading; fixed several already known Bugs hitsdb-client-0.0.10.jar
0.0.7 Supports ms downsampling hitsdb-client-0.0.7.jar
0.0.6 Supports using “#” hitsdb-client-0.0.6.jar
0.0.5 Fixes a bug in timestamp conversion hitsdb-client-0.0.5.jar
0.0.4 Adds a verification mechanism to Point’s build() method hitsdb-client-0.0.4.jar
0.0.3 Introduces a client traffic limit, maxtps() hitsdb-client-0.0.3.jar
0.0.2 Adds a new synchronous Put method, and adds Put methods for different parameters hitsdb-client-0.0.2.jar
0.0.1 The first version hitsdb-client-0.0.1.jar