This topic lists the new features provided by Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and the corresponding documentation.

Feature Description Release date Supported region Documentation
Network ACL Network ACLs can be created. 2020-8-25
  • China (Hohhot)
  • China (Chengdu)
  • China (Heyuan)
  • Indonesia (Jakarta)
  • UK (London)
  • India (Mumbai)
Network ACL overview
VPC A secondary IPv4 CIDR block can be added to a VPC network to expand the VPC network. 2019-12-17 All regions Add a secondary IPv4 CIDR block
Flow log FlowLog Analysis Report Function can be enabled when you create a flow log. 2019-01-18 Indonesia (Jakarta) Create a flow log
VSwitch VSwitches can be viewed based on regions in the VPC console. 2018-12-20 All regions -
Flow log The flow log feature is supported. 2018-12-04 Indonesia (Jakarta) Flow log overview
Route table A subnet route can be added to a custom route table. 2018-09-13 All regions Add a subnet route to a custom route table
Route table A secondary elastic network interface (ENI) can be specified as the next hop. 2018-09-07 All regions Add a custom route entry
VPC VPC is a free starter service that is available for all Alibaba Cloud users. 2018-08-02 All regions -
VPC The quota of VPC networks is assigned based on the region instead of the account. 2018-03-29 All regions Manage quotas
ClassicLink ClassicLink is supported. 2017-07-24 All regions Overview
VSwitch All VSwitches in a region can be queried by calling the corresponding operation. 2017-06-21 All regions Overview