This topic lists all the added features of Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) from the 21st of June 2017 to the 17th of December 2019.

Feature Description Release date Supported regions Documentation
VPC Added support for a secondary IPv4 CIDR block to be added to a VPC. 2019-12-17 All regions Add a secondary IPv4 CIDR block
Flow log Added support for the logstore analysis report feature to be enabled when a flow log is created. 2019-01-18 Indonesia (Jakarta) Create a flow log
VSwitch Added support for VSwitches to be queried by zone on the VSwitches page of the VPC console. 2018-12-20 All regions -
Flow log Added the flow log feature. 2018-12-04 Indonesia (Jakarta) Flow log overview
Route Table Added the subnet routing feature. 2018-09-13 All regions Add a subnet route to a custom route table
Route Table Added support for specifying ENIs as the next hop of a custom route. 2018-09-07 All regions Add a custom route entry
VPC VPC is available free of charge, and is activated by default for all users with an active Alibaba Cloud account. 2018-08-02 All regions -
VPC Changed the application of the VPC quota from each account to each region. 2018-03-29 All regions Manage quotas
ClassicLink Added the ClassicLink feature. 2017-07-24 All regions ClassicLink overview
VSwitch Added support for calling the corresponding API actions to view all VSwitch instances in a specified region. 2017-06-21 All regions Overview of VPCs and VSwitches