This topic lists the new features provided by Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and related topics.

Feature Description Release date Supported region References
VPC Releases new supported regions 2020-09-28
  • China (Heyuan)
  • China (Guangzhou)
  • China (Ulanqab)
Create a VPC
Network access control list (ACL) Allows you to create network ACLs 2020-08-25
  • China (Hohhot)
  • China (Chengdu)
  • China (Heyuan)
  • Indonesia (Jakarta)
  • UK (London)
  • India (Mumbai)
VPC Allows you to add a secondary IPv4 CIDR block to a VPC 2019-12-17 All regions Add a secondary IPv4 CIDR block
Flow log Allows you to enable the log analysis report feature when you create a flow log 2019-01-18 Indonesia (Jakarta) Create a flow log
VSwitch Allows you to query VSwitches based by zone in the VPC console 2018-12-20 All regions -
Flow log Releases the flow log feature 2018-12-04 Indonesia (Jakarta) Flow log overview
Route table Allows you to add a subnet route to the route table 2018-09-13 All regions Add a subnet route to a custom route table
Route table Allows you to specify a secondary elastic network interface (ENI) as the next hop 2018-09-07 All regions Add a custom route entry
VPC VPC is free of charge and available for all Alibaba Cloud users 2018-08-02 All regions -
VPC The quota of VPC networks is assigned based on the region instead of the account 2018-03-29 All regions Quota management
ClassicLink Releases the ClassicLink feature 2017-07-24 All regions Overview
VSwitch Allows you to call API operations to query the VSwitches in a specific region 2017-06-21 All regions Overview