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Last Updated: Jan 29, 2018

This document introduces the terms that you might meet when developing EDAS applications based on Spring Cloud to help you better understand related concepts.


Pandora is a lightweight isolating container used in Alibaba, which is utilized in Aliware to implement the isolation and loading of classes. Pandora is the mandatory dependency for using Spring Cloud for Aliware.


VIPServer is the server of the registration and discovery center for RESTful applications in EDAS, whose corresponding client is VIPClient.

Lightweight Configuration Center

EDAS lightweight configuration center which can be run locally and includes features of service discovery and configuration management.


FatJar (also known as executable JARs) is an archive of compiled classes and dependency JARs for running the code. The application can be run with the Java -jar command.


EagleEye is a distributed tracing system of Alibaba based on Dapper, a distributed tracing system of Google.

EagleEye processes trillions of distributed call chain data each day, collects and analyzes the data from log tracking in various network calls, and traces all the calls for the same request across systems. This helps you to sort out request entrance of applications, calling source, and dependency among services, analyze system call bottlenecks, estimates trace capacity, and quickly locate exceptions.


HSF is a distributed service framework in Alibaba, which provides support for developers in terms of distributed applications and unified service publishing and call methods. With HSF, developers can easily develop distributed applications and provide or use common modules, without considering distributed technologies such as remote communication, performance loss, call transparency, and implementation of synchronous and asynchronous call methods.

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