The redis-port tool allows you to use RDB files to synchronize the data of an on-premises Redis database to ApsaraDB Redis.

Download redis-port

Redis-port address


./redis-port  restore  --input=x/dump.rdb  --target=dst_host:dst_port   --auth=dst_password  [--filterkey="str1|str2|str3"] [--targetdb=DB] [--rewrite] [--bigkeysize=SIZE] [--logfile=REDISPORT.LOG]

Parameter description

  • x/dump.rdb: indicates the dump file path of the user-created Redis database.
  • dst_host: indicates the domain name of the ApsaraDB for Redis database.
  • dst_port: indicates the port of the ApsaraDB for Redis database.
  • dst_password: indicates the password of the ApsaraDB for Redis database.
  • str1|str2|str3: filters keys with str1, str2, or str3.
  • DB: indicates the database to be synchronized to ApsaraDB for Redis.
  • rewrite: overwrites a key that has already been written.
  • bigkeysize=SIZE: indicates that when the written value is greater than SIZE, the big key write mode is used.

Check the data synchronization status based on the redis-port log

When restore: rdb done appears, data synchronization is completed.