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One-click connecting with EDAS application

Last Updated: Jul 04, 2018

ARMS supports one-click enabling for EDAS users. This topic explains how to connect ARMS to EDAS applications.

Enable ARMS in the component center of EDAS

  1. Log on to the EDAS Console, and choose Component Center in the left-side navigation pane.
  2. In the Category area on the top of the Component Center page, click Internet Middleware Aliware, and then click Enable Now on the right side of ARMS.

  3. In the Security Authorization Tip dialog box, click Confirm to enable ARMS.

Enable ARMS Application monitoring in EDAS

  1. Log on to the EDAS console, and in the left-side navigation pane, choose Applications, and click the application name for which to enable ARMS to enter the application details page.

  2. In the left-side navigation pane of the console, choose Application Monitoring > Advanced Monitoring, and click Enable ARMS Application Monitoring.

  3. In the Tip dialog box, click Confirm.

  4. In the Tip dialog box, click Go to Restart the application to take ARMS Application Monitoring into effect.

View an application in ARMS

After ARMS application monitoring is activated and the application is restarted, click Go to ARMS Application Monitoring to go to the ARMS Application Monitoring page and view the application.

For more instructions on ARMS Application Monitoring, see ARMS Application Monitoring documentation.