You can use the application monitoring function of Application Real-Time Monitoring Service (ARMS) to monitor the topology, API requests, abnormal transactions, and slow transactions of applications in Enterprise Distributed Application Service (EDAS), and conduct SQL analysis on the applications. In the EDAS console, you can connect applications in EDAS to ARMS through simple operations.

Enable ARMS in the component center of EDAS

  1. Log on to the EDAS console. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Component Center > Component Overview.
  2. In the Classification section at the top of the Component Overview page, click Microservice, and then Open Now on the top of the Application Monitoring page.
  3. In the Security Authorization Tip dialog box, click OK to enable ARMS application monitoring.

Enable ARMS application monitoring in EDAS

  1. Log on to the EDAS console. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Application Management > Applications. Click the application name for which you want to enable ARMS application monitoring.
  2. Choose Application Monitoring > Advanced Monitoring, and click Enable ARMS Application Monitoring.
  3. Click OK in the Tip dialog box.
  4. In the Tip dialog box, click Restart Application, to make ARMS application monitoring take effect.

View applications in ARMS

After ARMS application monitoring is enabled and the application is restarted, click Go to ARMS Application Monitoring.

On the Applications page, enter the application name to view the application details. For more information about ARMS application monitoring, see Application Monitoring.