After creating a CEN instance, you can attach networks (VPCs or VBRs) to the CEN instance, buy bandwidth packages and set the cross-region interconnection bandwidth, thereby rapidly building a secure, reliable, and enterprise-class global network.

Create a CEN instance

  1. Log on to the CEN console.
  2. On the Instances page, click Create CEN instance.
  3. Configure the CEN instance according to the following information:
    Configuration Description

    Enter the name of the CEN instance.

    The name can contain 2-128 English letters, numbers, hyphens, and underlines, and must start with English letters.


    Enter the description of the CEN instance.

    The description can contain 2-256 characters, and cannot start with http:// and  https:// .

    Attach Network You can attach networks of your account or other accounts to a CEN instance. For more information, see Networks.

Delete a CEN instance

Before deleting a CEN instance, make sure there is no bandwidth package or network under the instance.

  1. Log on to the CEN console.
  2. Click Delete in the Actions column of the target CEN instance.

  3. Click OK in the displayed dialog box.