In standard mode, you can perform the following operations in the display area of a dashboard.

  • Change chart position
  • View chart data
  • Delete chart
  • Change chart type
  • Add to favorites
  • Configure settings

If you are using a Quick BI dashboard for the first time, a wizard will appear in the display area to guide you through the dashboard features. Follow the instructions in the wizard to learn how to create a dashboard.


In the top-right corner, click More to perform the following operations on a chart.
  • View Data: view the data of this chart.
  • Export: export the data of this chart with the Excel format.
  • Delete: delete the chart.

Change chart type

You can change the type of a chart that appears in the display area.

Select a chart in the display area of a dashboard. Then, in the top-right corner, click Change chart type to select a chart type you want to change to.

  1. Select a chart in the display area of a dashboard.
  2. Click Change chart type as shown in the following figure. For example, you can change a pie chart to a radar chart as shown in the following figure.

  3. The chart changes to the new type.

If a chart fails to change types, it is because the data fields of the selected chart type do not match those of the current chart data. You must modify these fields manually to change the chart type.

You will be prompted to modify some fields based on the selected chart type. To change chart types, follow the instructions on the screen to add appropriate dimensions or measures to the corresponding area.

Add to favorites

At the top of the display area of a dashboard, click the star icon to collect the current dashboard.

Configure settings

Click Settings to download the current dashboard or show a watermark, as shown in the following figure.