In the standard dashboard, you can perform the following operations in dashboard display area.

  • Adjust the chart locations
  • View chart data
  • Delete a chart
  • Switch to another chart
  • Guide function
  • Global settings

If you are using the Quick BI dashboard for the first time, the dashboard display area provides a guide function to you.  With the guiding feature, you can learn how to create a dashboard.

View chart data

  1. In the upper right corner, select More > View data, as shown in the following figure.

  2. Click Export to download the data to the local directory.

Delete a chart

In the upper right corner, select More > Delete, the current chart can be deleted. See the following figure.

Switch to another chart

In the dashboard display area, switch between chart types as follows:

Select a chart in the dashboard display area, and then click the expected chart type icon in the dashboard configuration area.

  1. Select a chart in the dashboard display area.
  2. Click a chart icon that you want to switch to. For example, switch the pie chart to a radar chart.
  3. The chart automatically switches to a new display type.

If you cannot switch normally, it means that the selected chart fields do not match the current chart fields.

The system prompts the chart element according to the chart switching style.  According to the message displayed by the system, select proper fields in the dimension and measurement lists, and add them to the chart element area to finish the switching.

Guide function

At the top of dashboard display area, click Question Mark icon to enable the guide function.

The system automatically demonstrates how to create a dashboard and you can create a dashboard accordingly.

When the guide function is valid, the part of the prompt is automatically brightened. You can click Previous, Next, and Close to learn how to create a dashboard.

Global settings

Select Settings > Global settings, to set whether the dashboard can be downloaded, and whether the watermark is displayed.