The association function is enabled only if the dashboard has at least two charts.

On the More tab in the dashboard configuration area, associate multiple charts by performing the following steps.

  1. Select a chart, such as a funnel chart.
  2. Click the More tab.
  3. The More tab displays the available charts that can be associated with the selected funnel chart, as shown in the following figure.

  4. Select the same field as Source Field to associate this chart with the funnel chart.

    If the selected field is different from the source field, the system displays an error message.

  5. Select Preview > PC. To go to the preview page.
  6. Click the field that selected in Source Field in the funnel chart, the associated table chart automatically displays other data.
  7. Click Unlink in the upper-right corner of the funnel chart can make the table goes back to the original status.
    The Unlink function only restored the chart to its original condition.