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Last Updated: Apr 11, 2018

This topic describes the features and pricing of three ARMS sub-products.

Features of Application Monitoring (for Java and similar applications)

ARMS is a tool used for application performance management. It integrates the theoretical model of Google Dapper with internal practices of Alibaba Group to provide you with comprehensive application real-time monitoring service.

ARMS App Monitoring

Features of Browser Monitoring

The ARMS browser monitoring platform monitors experience data for Web pages, including page loading speed (speed test), page stability (JavaScript errors), and external service calling success rate (API), to check the healthiness of Web pages.

ARMS Browser Monitoring

Features of Custom Monitoring

ARMS custom monitoring platform integrates such functions as data collection, real-time computing, big data storage, reports, and alarms. You can create real-time monitoring alarms and dashboards based on business characteristics and requirements. Business scenarios include the E-commerce scenario, logistics scenario, and airlines and tour scenarios.

ARMS Custom Monitoring