This topic describes the limits of Cloud Security Scanner (CSS).

CSS has the following limits:
  • You shall not modify, produce, or make derivative works or products based on CSS or its content, or reproduce or imitate the design philosophy, user interface, functions, and charts of CSS, or transfer, lend, lease, or sub-license CSS or use it for any commercial purposes.

  • You shall not reproduce, translate, modify, decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer, or decompose CSS and/or any part thereof (including the page identification, service brand, information, and data), or modify or split the code or functions of CSS.

  • You shall use CSS only to scan vulnerabilities for services that comply with national laws and regulations, such as normal commercial and scientific research services.

  • You shall use CSS only to scan vulnerabilities of your own services, and must not use it to scan vulnerabilities of any third-party websites, servers, or services. Alibaba Cloud has the right to immediately terminate your use of CSS, and hold you liable for all losses incurred by Alibaba Cloud and any third party arising from your violation of this requirement.

  • You shall not conduct any behavior to undermine or in an attempt to undermine network security (including but not limited to phishing, hacker attacks, network frauds, injection of or suspected involvement in the spreading of viruses, Trojan horses, and malware to websites or cyberspace, and suspected involvement in attacks by using virtual servers against other websites and servers, such as unauthorized scanning, sniffing, ARP spoofing, and DDoS attacks).

  • You shall not change or attempt to change the system configuration provided by Alibaba Cloud or sabotage network security. You shall not use services provided by Alibaba Cloud to conduct any behavior that damages the legitimate rights and interests of Alibaba Cloud, its affiliates, or any third party.

  • You shall not conduct any other behavior that violates laws, regulations, or Alibaba Cloud terms of service.