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Last Updated: Feb 13, 2018


Resource (ECS) isolation is often required in the process of using EDAS. EDAS achieves resource isolation by allocating resources to different accounts. At the same time, resource isolation can also be achieved by using the isolation characteristics of a VPC network. However, both of these approaches will cause unnecessary burden to users in terms of operational difficulty (account switching) and implementation costs (need to purchase multiple VPCs), and cannot balance resource isolation with unified account management. Furthermore, network isolation for resources is impossible in classic networks.

Namespace is designed to solve this problem in EDAS. In a classic network or VPC within a region, a namespace corresponds to an environment (consisting of one or more clusters), with natural logical isolation between different namespaces. At the same time, a single account can create multiple namespaces. Namespaces help users to completely isolate resources across multiple environments and can be managed uniformly with one account.


The main scenario for namespace is resource isolation. The workflow is as follows:

The detailed steps are described as follows:

  1. Create Namespace
  2. Import ECS
  3. Create Application

Namespace usage scenario process

After these actions are complete, resource isolation is achieved.

Furthermore, you can add or move hosts in the namespaces within the same region. For details, please refer to Create Cluster and Cluster Management. In addition to resource isolation, this also meets the requirements of single-account management.

Create a Namespace

  1. Login to the EDAS console.

  2. From the left-side navigation pane select Resources > Namespaces.

  3. On the namespace list page, select Region then click Create Namespace in the upper-right corner.

  4. In the Create Namespace dialog box, set the Name, Namespace ID and the description, then click OK.

    Note: The Namespace ID prefix is automatically determined based on the selected region and cannot be edited. Only customizable sections can be set.

    Create Namespace

Edit Namespace

To edit the name of description of a namespace, go to the Namespaces page, and select Edit in the Actions column to the right of the namespace you want to edit.

Note: The Namespace ID cannot be edited.

Delete Namespace

Make sure the following conditions are met before you delete a namespace:

  • There are no ECS instances in the namespace.
  • There are no clusters in the namespace.
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