This topic describes the usage scenarios of Cloud Security Scanner.

Monitors asset changes

Cloud Security Scanner automatically scans and monitors asset changes in real time, including subdomains, IP addresses, ports, services, and Web components.

Assesses website risks

Cloud Security Scanner provides adaptive and intelligent detection rules for comprehensive risk assessment based on big data resources. This feature helps you check your website before launch, assess the security of your website on a daily basis, and assess the security of your website during major events.

Monitors for illicit content

If your website contains illicit content, Cloud Security Scanner sends alerts to you and provides the URL and snapshot of the target webpage. This saves you the need to manually check your website for compliance violations.

Monitors for drive-by downloads

Cloud Security Scanner checks the homepage and content of your website in real time for attacks, drive-by downloads, hidden links, and spams. If a risk is detected, Cloud Security Scanner immediately sends you notifications.