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API overview

Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018

The following table lists available VPN Gateway APIs. Detailed information for each API is included in the respective VPC API documentation.

API Description
DescribeVpnGateways Query the list of VPN gateways
DescribeVpnGateway Query detailed information of a VPN gateway
ModifyVpnGatewayAttribute Modify the name and description of a VPN gateway
DeleteVpnGateway Delete a VPN gateway
CreateCustomerGateway Create a customer gateway
DescribeCustomerGateways Query the list of customer gateways
DescribeCustomerGateway Query detailed information of a customer gateway
DeleteCustomerGateway Delete a customer gateway
ModifyCustomerGatewayAttribute Modify a customer gateway
CreateVpnConnection Create an IPsec connection
DescribeVpnConnections Query the list of IPsec connections
DescribeVpnConnection Query detailed information of an IPsec connection
ModifyVpnConnectionAttribute Modify an IPsec connection
DeleteVpnConnection Delete an IPsec connection
DownloadVpnConnectionConfig Download the IPsec connection configuration
CreateSslVpnServer Create an SSL-VPN server
ModifySslVpnServer Modify an SSL-VPN server
DescribeSslVpnServers Query the list of SSL-VPN servers
DeleteSslVpnServer Delete an SSL-VPN server
CreateSslVpnClientCert Create an SSL-VPN client certificate
ModifySslVpnClientCert Modify an SSL-VPN client certificate
DescribeSslVpnClientCerts Query the list of SSL-VPN client certificates
DeleteSslVpnClientCert Delete an SSL-VPN client certificate