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What are the network connection methods supported by DAS

Last Updated: Jun 11, 2020

You can manage on-premises databases in DAS. You can use one of the following methods to access on-premises databases from DAS.

Method Description
Express Connect Express Connect is the abstraction of the network connection between Alibaba Cloud access points and on-premises data centers.
You can migrate on-premises databases to the cloud by applying for an exclusive physical connection from a service provider, using a shared physical connection from Alibaba Cloud partners, or using Alibaba Cloud managed products.
With Express Connect, the internal connection does not use the Internet. Therefore, compared with traditional Internet connections, Express Connect features high security, reliability, and speed while also providing lower network latency. For more information, see Express Connect.
VPN Gateway VPN Gateway securely and reliably connects on-premises data centers to Alibaba Cloud VPCs over encrypted channels.
For more information, see VPN Gateway.
Internet When on-premises data centers are connected to Alibaba Cloud over the Internet, DAS will encrypt the data access links so that you do not need to worry about data security.