When SSL acceleration is enabled for a DCDN domain, DCDN can redirect user requests according to the force redirect setting.

For example, you set the redirect type to HTTP to HTTPS. When the user initiates an HTTP request, the server returns a 302 redirect response, and the original HTTP request is redirect to the HTTPS, as shown in the following figure:

  • For the force redirect setting to take effect, make sure that SSL acceleration has been enabled. You can redirect HTTP to HTTPS or redirect HTTPS to HTTP.
  • User request are not redirected by default.


  1. On the Domain Names page, select a domain name, and click Configure.
  2. Go to HTTPS Settings > Force Redirect, and click Modify.
  3. Select a Redirect Type.

    • The force redirect setting is optional. The default setting supports both HTTP and HTTPS requests.
    • The options are Default, HTTPS to HTTP, HTTP to HTTPS.
      • HTTP to HTTPS: HTTP requests are redirected to HTTPS.
      • HTTPS to HTTP: HTTPS requests are redirected to HTTP.