Reset a node in the cluster.

The system disk is replaced when the node is being reset. Therefore, back up the data in advance.

Request information

Request line (RequestLine)

POST /clusters/{cluster_id}/instances/{instance_id}/reset HTTP/1.1

Request line parameter (URI Param)

Name Type Required Description
cluster_id string Yes Cluster ID 
instance_id  string Yes Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instance ID

Special request header (RequestHead)

None. See Public request headers.

Request body (RequestBody)

    "password": "password of the root account to log on to the Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instance",
    "ecs_image_id": "operating system image",
    "release_eip_flag": "whether to release Elastic IP (EIP) after configuring the cluster"

Request body explanation

Name Type Required Description
password  string Yes The password of the ECS instance.
ecs_image_id string Yes The ID of the system image used by ECS. 
release_eip_flag bool No Whether to release EIP after configuring the cluster. The default value is false.

ecs_image_id list

See View image list to obtain the ecs_image_id  list.  To customize the ECS image ID of the cluster, make sure the ECS image meets the following requirements:

  • Operating system: Ubuntu or CentOS.
  • The Linux Kernel version is equal to or later than 3.18, which is used to support overlayfs and overlay network.
  • The /etc/docker/key.json file is deleted from the image.

Response information

Response line (ResponseLine)

HTTP/1.1 202 OK

Special response header (ResponseHead)

None. See Public response headers.

Response body (ResponseBody)

    "cluster_id": "string",
    "request_id": "string",
    "task_id": "string"


Request example

POST /clusters/Cccfd68c474454665ace07efce924f75f/instances/i-xx/reset HTTP/1.1
<Public request headers>

Response example

HTTP/1.1 202 Accepted
<Public response headers>
    "cluster_id": "c2ac959c94acc4e86aca4e68bdf7c1987",
    "request_id": "B145E765-2800-40E5-9167-9E999574ABF8",
    "task_id": "T-5a544d2b9645f75f2e00003d"