You can configure the domain name of the web server to be accessed during the origin fetch process.

  • The origin host configuration is optional. The default value is as follows:
    • If the origin site is an IP address, the origin host is the DCDN domain name by default.
    • If the origin site is an OSS domain name, the origin host is the origin site domain name by default.
  • The options are: DCDN domain names, origin domain names, and custom domain names.
    Note SNI origin fetch is not currently supported.


  1. On the Domain Names page, select a domain name, and click Configure.
  2. Go to Origin Fetch > Origin Host, and click Modify.
  3. Select the type of domain name to speed up, and click OK.

Difference between the origin site and the origin host

  • Origin site: The origin site determines the specific IP address that is requested for origin fetch.

  • Origin host: The origin host determines the specific website that is at the IP address accessed by the origin fetch request.

Case Case 1 Case 2
Origin site
Origin host
In actual origin fetch, the request is forwarded to Website on the host corresponding to Website on the host that is corresponding to