GameShield supports integrating applications by using SDKs. This method allows failover to be performed on your application in seconds when the application expriences denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. It also allows your application to become immune to HTTP flood attacks. This topic describes how to use the integration methods.

Integrate applications by using SDKs

After you use SDKs to configure protection for a game, this method provides several benefits: second-level scheduling, route detection, and intelligent scheduling.
  • This method also provides proactive isolation against malicious clients and second-level failover when your application experiences DDoS attacks.
  • Protocol-level data encryption provides zero false positive, zero false negative, and immunity to CC attacks.
Before configuring protection by using SDKs, you must Obtain an SDK package and AccessKey pair. Then, you can configure SDK integration based on your platform. For more information, see the topic that is specific to your operating system.
After configuring protection for a game by using an SDK, you can use the SDK to retrieve an IP address and port number that is generated by GameShield for the game. The method that is used by GameShield to generate an IP address and port number for an application changes based on the type of services. For the method, see the topic that is specific to your service type.