GameShield allows you to add your application by using an SDK. This way, your application is switched to the protection mode within seconds after your application experiences a DDoS attack. GameShield also protects your application against HTTP flood attacks. This topic describes how to add your application to GameShield by using an SDK.


After you add your application by using an SDK, GameShield provides several benefits: scheduling within seconds, link detection, and intelligent scheduling. When your application experiences DDoS attacks, GameShield proactively isolates malicious clients and performs scheduling in seconds. Protocol-level data encryption avoids false positives and false negatives, and protects against HTTP flood attacks.

Before you add your application by using an SDK, you must obtain an SDK and AccessKey pair. For more information, see Obtain an SDK package and AccessKey pair. Then, you can add your application by using the SDK. For more information, see the following topics:
After you add your application, you can use the SDK to retrieve the IP address and the port that are mapped by GameShield for your application. The method that GameShield uses to map an IP address and a port for your application varies based on your service type. For details about the methods, see the following topics: