Background information


  1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud Security Game Shield Management console, go to Business Management, and select Game Name.
  2. Locate to the business that you added, and click Forwarding Rule Management.

  3. Click Rule Management and select Add a rule.

  4. In the Add Rule dialog box, fill in the forwarding rule, and click OK.
    Note If a port corresponds to multiple origin site IPs, the IPs can be entered to the Origin IPs field, separated by commas (up to 20 IPs). After multiple origins are configured, load balancing is achieved automatically through polling.
    Note Multiple rules for a same port are not allowed, for example, “8000, 8000,” and “8000, 8000,” cannot appear simultaneously. Under such circumstance, you must create a new business.
    Note Ports below 1024, except port 80 and port 433, are system reserved ports. If you want to add such ports, please contact the Game Shield team.