Before configuring protection for a game, you must create the game in GameShield. In this step, all of the required settings are configured for the game. When creating a game, you can only configure the name of a game. GameShield automatically configures default settings for the game.


You have activated GameShield and one or more available app licenses. For more information, see Billing methods.


  1. Log on to the GameShield console.
  2. On the Homepage, click Create Game.Create a game
  3. In the Add Game dialog box, enter a Game Name, and click OK.
    Note The name can be a maximum of 24 characters in length and contain letters and digits.
    Configure a game name
    GameShield calls automation scripts to complete the following tasks and configure default settings for the game. These tasks include Check Resource, Create Game, Creating Business, and Configuring Unlimited Protection. Default GameShield settings include a created game and business. A business includes a node group and anti-DDoS node. The unlimited protection feature is enabled by default. Automation scripts
  4. After a game is created and configured, click OK in the Note dialog box.
    Creation complete


A game is created. You can view the new game in the GameShield console.
New games

What to do next

Step 2: Add a protection target