• Resource monitoring covers traffic bandwidth, origin fetch statistics, access times, hit rate, and HTTP code. Users can search for information by domain name, region, ISP, time granularity, and custom time interval.
  • Users can download detailed raw data, such as network bandwidth, traffic, traffic percentage of domain names, visitor regions, and ISPs.
  • The resource monitoring data is different from the billing data. For example, a 30-day statistical curve takes a granularity of 14,400 seconds, but the billing statistical curve takes a granularity of 300 seconds. As a result, the graph, ignoring some metering points, is mainly used to show the trends of bandwidth. The billing data, with more precise granularity, always serves as the basis to calculate your bandwidth usage.

    Note The granularity of raw data changes according to the time interval. Data exported by day has a granularity of 300 seconds, and the data exported by week and month have granularities of 3600 seconds and 14,400 seconds, respectively .