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Last Updated: Dec 11, 2018

Dynamic and static acceleration rule configuration

Feature Description Default
Static file type File extension of a static file Disabled
Static file URI URI of a static file Disabled
Static file path Path of a static file Disabled

Origin fetch settings

Feature Description Default
Origin host Host domain name for origin fetch.
It provides three options: DCDN domain name, origin domain name, and custom domain name
DCDN domain name
Match-client origin protocol policy This feature ensures the protocol used for origin fetch is the same as the client resource access protocol. This feature applies to both static and dynamic origin fetch. Disabled
Private bucket origin authorization If authorization succeeds and the private bucket feature of the corresponding domain name is enabled, the acceleration domain can access resources in your private bucket. Disabled
Range origin This feature reduces origin fetch traffic consumption and shortens resource response time. Disabled

Caching settings

Feature Description Default
Cache duration Users can set cache duration for individual resources. Disabled
HTTP header Users can set HTTP request headers. Currently, nine HTTP request header parameters are available for customization. Disabled
Custom 404 page Three options are provided: default 404, public interest 404, and custom 404. Default 404

SSL acceleration

Feature Description Default
HTTPS settings Provides full-link SSL acceleration. You can upload the accelerated domain name certificate and private key after enabling SSL acceleration. Users can also view, disable, enable, and edit the certificate. Disabled
Force redirect If SSL acceleration has been enabled for a DCDN domain name, you can configure the redirect settings. The user requests can be forcibly redirected. Disabled
HTTP/2 Unique features of HTTP/2 include binary protocols, multiplexing, and header compression. Disabled

Access control

Feature Description Default
Referer anti-leech Users can identify and filter visitors by configuring a referer blacklist or whitelist. Disabled
URL authentication Protects users’ origin site resources. Disabled
IP blacklist Users can identify and filter visitors using the blacklist. Disabled

Performance optimization

Feature Description Default
HTML beautifier Compresses or removes redundant page content such as blank rows and carriage returns, significantly reducing file size. Disabled
File compression Supports file compression of multiple content formats, effectively reducing data transmission size. Disabled
Parameter filtering This feature removes the URL parameters after the question mark (?). Disabled