This topic describes the operation process and the scenarios of Dynamic Route for CDN (DCDN) to help you get started.

The following figure shows how to get started with DCDN. Quick start
The following table illustrates the steps for quick start.
No. Step Scenario
1 Activate the DCDN service You can use Dynamic Content for CDN (DCDN) only after the service is activated.
2 Add a domain If you want to accelerate a specific website, you must use the website as the origin and create an accelerated domain name for it in the Dynamic Route for CDN (DCDN) console. By using the accelerated domain, DCDN caches static content from the origin to cache nodes, and retrieves dynamic content from the origin through dynamic acceleration technologies including smart routing optimization and protocol optimization. In this way, resource access efficiency is improved.
3 Verify the configuration Before a canonical name (CNAME) record is configured for the domain that you added, you can check whether the accelerated domain can be accessed. If the accelerated domain can be accessed, the DCDN service is running as expected after the CNAME record is configured.
3 Configure a CNAME record After a domain is added to DCDN, the Alibaba Cloud DCDN team assigns a CNAME to the domain. To enable the DCDN service for the domain, you must configure a CNAME record to map the domain to the CNAME. This way, requests for the domain can be sent to the cache nodes of DCDN.