This topic describes the limits of Dynamic Route for CDN (DCDN). Before you add a domain name to DCDN, make sure that the domain name meets all the requirements to prevent unnecessary losses caused by violations.

ICP filing for domain names

When you add a domain name to DCDN, whether you are required to apply for an Internet Content Provider (ICP) filing for the domain depends on the acceleration region that you select. If you select Global or Mainland China, you must complete the ICP filing for the domain name. We recommend that you use the Alibaba Cloud ICP filing system to apply for an ICP filing for the domain name.

Content review

All the domain names that are added to DCDN must be reviewed. Unauthorized content that is provided by the domains includes but is not limited to the following items:
  • Content that is inaccessible or does not include substantive information
  • Unauthorized games
  • Role-playing and card games
  • Websites where pirated software can be downloaded
  • P2P lending websites
  • Lottery websites
  • Illegal hospital and pharmaceutical websites
  • Websites related to pornography, drugs, and gambling
  • Alibaba Cloud shall not be liable for any fees that are charged by attacks to or malicious downloading from your accelerated domains that contain any of the preceding unauthorized content. All losses shall be borne by you. Domain names that have been added to Alibaba Cloud DCDN are regularly reviewed. If a violation is detected for one of your accelerated domain names, DCDN immediately stops accelerating all domain names under your account.
  • If you add a wildcard domain name such as * to the DCDN console and a specific domain name such as contains unauthorized content, DCDN disables the wildcard domain name, *
  • If your domain name is rejected during content review, you can view the rejection reason on the Domain Names page in the DCDN console. You can modify the content based on the rejection details, and re-submit the domain name for content review.

Quantity limits

Item Limit
Domain names You can add a maximum of 50 domain names to DCDN for each Alibaba Cloud account. If the average daily peak bandwidth required by your domain names exceeds 50 Mbit/s and your workloads entails no risks, you can submit a ticket to apply for more accelerated domain names.
Origins of the IP address type By default, each accelerated domain name supports up to 10 origin servers that are specified by IP addresses.
Cache and refresh operations
  • URL refresh: 2,000 URLs per day for each Alibaba Cloud account.
  • Directory refresh: 100 directories per day for each Alibaba Cloud account.

Domain recycling rules

Scenario System action Solution
Your accelerated domain has not been visited for more than 90 days, including the days during which the accelerated domain name is in the Enabled state. DCDN automatically disables the accelerated domain name but retains the records that are related to the domain name. Enable the accelerated domain name.
Your accelerated domain name has been disabled for more than 120 days, including the days during which the domain name fails the review on content. DCDN automatically deletes the records that are related to the accelerated domain name. Add the domain name to DCDN again.

File upload limits

DCDN limits the size of the file to be uploaded. The maximum size cannot exceed 300 MB. This limit cannot be modified because it is the product limit. If you want to upload a file whose size is larger than 300 MB, we recommend that you directly upload the file to the origin server.