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Last Updated: Apr 16, 2018

Limits for using Alibaba Cloud Dynamic Route for CDN include account compliance, quantity limits, operation frequency, and usage status.

Account compliance

  • Real-name registration: On the Alibaba Cloud official website, real-name registration must be performed for an account set to use Dynamic Route for CDN service.
  • ICP filing: The Dynamic Route for CDN domain name must have been filed with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). For quicker ICP filing, we recommend using Alibaba Cloud Filing.

    Note: We recommend storing the origin site of the Dynamic Route for CDN domain name on Alibaba Cloud ECS or OSS (Object Storage Service) for optimal acceleration effect. If such content is not hosted by Alibaba Cloud, access to the content of the origin site must be reviewed manually.

  • Review: All domain names that access Dynamic Route for CDN must be reviewed. Domain names that do not currently support access to Dynamic Route for CDN include those that:

    • cannot be accessed or do not contain any substantive information,

    • link to a website where pirated software can be downloaded,

    • link to an illegal hospital or an illegal medicines website,

    • link to a website that involves pornography, drugs, or gambling.

    Charges generated from attacks to, or malicious downloading of content from, any of the above-mentioned domain names are to be paid by the domain name owners. Alibaba Cloud assumes no responsibility for such charges and all losses are borne by the user.

    Domains that have accessed Alibaba Cloud CDN are reviewed regularly. If any of the aforementioned violations are recorded, CDN acceleration for that domain name is immediately suspended and CDN services for all domain names under that user are suspended.


    • If your business is compliant with the rules but your domain name is rejected on the grounds that it cannot be accessed or does not contain substantive information, you can create and submit a ticket that contains a snapshot of the website of your business (including its domain name). After the ticket is separately reviewed again, the system notifies you of the result of this second review.
    • If your origin site is deployed on ECS, check your ECS bandwidth regularly. We recommend that the bandwidth is at least 20% of your overall business.

    • If your origin site is deployed with security software, make sure the CDN nodes can access the origin site.

    • After the Dynamic Route for CDN service stops, all requests go directly back to origin.

    • For large files, the range 0-infinite is not recommended.

Quantity limit

  • Quantity of Dynamic Route for CDN domain names: An Alibaba Cloud account supports up to 20 Dynamic Route for CDN domain names. If you have to accelerate a large number of domain names, please apply for extra support.

  • Limit on the quantity of IP origin sites: Currently, the number of IP origin sites for each Dynamic Route for CDN domain name is limited to 10 IP addresses. In special scenarios where more IP origin sites must be added, apply for extra support.

Operation frequency limit

  • URL refresh: 2000 entries/day/account.

  • Directory refresh: 100 entries/day/account.

  • URL preheating: 500 entries/day/account.

Usage status limit

In accordance with retrieval rules, the system deals with Dynamic Route for CDN domain names in the following states with the following methods:

  • No access to a Dynamic Route for CDN domain name for over 90 days (including when the domain name is in the normal running state): The system automatically suspends this Dynamic Route for CDN domain name, but still keeps related records. If you want to continue usage, repeat the procedures to enabling the Dynamic Route for CDN domain name.

  • The Dynamic Route for CDN domain name is in the deactivated state (including not approved) for more than 120 days: The system automatically deletes records related to this domain name. To continue accelerating this domain name, add it again.