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Recover a table

Last Updated: Dec 07, 2018

DBS supports recovering tables so that you can quickly recover from data loss.


  1. After you have activated DBS, you can quickly recover a single table from a RDS instance, or a database deployed in an on-premise data center or ECS instance.


  1. Go to the DBS purchase page or click create backup plan in the DBS console to create a backup plan.

  2. Go to the DBS console, select your backup plan from the Backup Plans list, and click set backup plan to go to the configuration page.

  3. Configure your backup plan, set up a full backup schedule, and enable incremental backup.

  4. After a full backup has been completed, you can go to the Backup Plans list, click recovery database, and select the table that you want to recover. DBS will quickly restore the selected table to a specified time.


DBS only restores the selected table and not the entire database instance. This significantly reduces RTO.