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Last Updated: May 29, 2020

The benefits of Database Autonomy Service (DAS) include cost savings, improved stability, high availability, security and efficiency.

Cost savings

  • DAS provides centralized monitoring and alerting features. You do not need to invest in human resources to build performance monitoring and alerting platforms.
  • DAS provides a centralized management platform. You do not need to switch between multiple management platforms. This helps you increase work efficiency and save on human resources.

Improved stability

  • DAS provides various database monitoring and alerting features that allow you to quickly detect and locate database anomalies. This improves the stability of your databases.
  • DAS integrates O&M and management in an all-in-one platform. You do not need to switch between multiple platforms, significantly reducing operational error rates.

High availability

  • Based on machine learning and expert systems, DAS provides cloud services that make your databases self-aware, self-repairing, self-optimizing, self-O&M, and self-securing. This ensures highly available databases.

Security and efficiency

  • DAS provides database security controls, including identification of highly dangerous SQL statements, SQL injection detection, source identification of new visits, and detection of sensitive data access. DAS can quickly identify suspicious activities, such as data breaches or abnormal database access, effectively ensuring database security.
  • DAS is designed to be non-intrusive to your database environment. You do not need to install agents on your database instances.
  • DAS uses secure data links, and utilizes Key Management Service (KMS) to encrypt database data for storage. DAS also encrypts and compresses database data for transmission, ensuring data security.