Deletes a created cloud assistant command. The log of the original invocation is retained after a command is deleted.

Request parameters

Name Type Required Description
Action String Yes The name of this interface.  Value: DeleteCommand.
RegionId String Yes Regional ID. For more information, see DescribeRegions.
CommandId String Yes Command ID. You can query all the available CommandId by calling the DescribeCommands.

Response parameters

All are common response parameters. See DescribeCommands.


Request example
&<Common Request Parameters>
Success response example

XML format

JSON format
Error response example

XML format

    <Message>The specified instances have no cloud assistant client installed.</Message>
JSON format
    "RequestId": "540CFF28-407A-40B5-B6A5-74Bxxxxxxxxx",
    "HostId": ""
    "Code": "InvalidInstance.NoClient"
    "Message": "The specified instances have no cloud assistant client installed."

Error codes

The following error codes are specific to this interface. For more error codes, visit the API error center.

Error code Error message HTTP status code Description
InvalidCmdId.NotFound The specified ImageId does not exist. 404 The specified CommandId does not exist.
InvalidRegionId.NotFound The RegionId provided does not exist in our items. 404 The specified RegionId does not exist.
Internalerror. Dispatch An internal error occurred when dispath the request 500 Internal error. Please try again later.