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Last Updated: Jan 29, 2018


The CheckDomain API checks whether the domain name can be registered according to the input parameters. To determine the domain name validity, see Domain name validity.

Request parameters

For more information about public request parameters, see Public parameters.

Parameter Type Required Description
Action String Yes API of the action, system required parameter. Set this parameter to CheckDomain.
DomainName String Yes Domain name.

Response parameters

Parameter Type Description
RequestId String Unique request identifier.
DomainName String Domain name to be queried.
Avail Integer Whether the domain name can be registered. The optional values are as follows:
  • 1: Yes
  • 0: No
  • -1: Abnormal
Premium Boolean Whether it is a premium domain name. The optional values are as follows: true (yes) and false (no).

Error codes

For general errors to all APIs, see the Error code table.

Error code Description HTTP status code Semantics
Failed Query failed. 400 The query failed.
QueryRegistryFailed Query registry failed. 400 Failed to query the registry.
Busy Server is busy, please try again later. 400 The system is busy.
InvaildParameter The parameter is invaild. 400 The parameter is invalid.


Request example

  2. &
  3. &<Public request parameters>

Response example

  • XML format
  1. <CheckDomain>
  2. <RequestId>BA7A4FD4-EB9A-4A20-BB0C-9AEB15634DC1</RequestId>
  3. <DomainName></DomainName>
  4. <Avail>0</Avail>
  5. <Premium>false</Premium>
  6. </CheckDomain>
  • JSON format
  1. {
  2. "RequestId": "BA7A4FD4-EB9A-4A20-BB0C-9AEB15634DC1",
  3. "DomainName": "",
  4. "Avail": 0,
  5. "Premium": false
  6. }