Error message Trigger condition
ODPS-0710005:Exception occurred when connecting to meta store Meta store connection error.
ODPS-0710015 MR task encountered meta store exception A meta store error occurs when an MR task is running.
ODPS-0710025:Get partitions from meta store error An error occurs when you obtain partition information from metastore.
ODPS-0720001: Invalid table name format The table name format specified by the user is invalid.
ODPS-0720015:PartKeys size do not match partVals size Table schema partitions are inconsistent.
ODPS-0720021: Column does not exist The specified column does not exist.
ODPS-0720031 PARSER Cache resource between comma must not be empty The specified resource list has blank spaces between commas.
ODPS-0720041:Resource not found The specified resource does not exist.
ODPS-0720051:Resource table should not be a view The specified resource table is a view.
ODPS-0720061: Table or partition not found for resource A non-existing table or table partition is specified as the resource.
ODPS-0720071: Total size of cache resources is too big The total number or size (256/512 MB by default) of the specified resource exceeds the upper limit.
ODPS-0720081: Job has not specified mapper class The Mapper class is not specified for the job.
ODPS-0720091:jColumn duplicate Repeated columns are specified in OB input.
ODPS-0720101: Input table should not be a view The input table is a view.
ODPS-0720111:Output table should not be a view The output table is a view.
ODPS-0720121:Invalid table partSpec The specified table partSpec is invalid.
ODPS-0720131:Invalid multiple output The multi output (including duplicate label, same output tables, and  partitions) is invalid.
ODPS-0720141: Memory value out of bound The specified memory value is out of the range [256 MB, 12 GB].
ODPS-0720151: Cpu value out of bound The specified CPU value is out of the range [50, 800].
ODPS-0720161: Invalid max attempts value The specified value of is out of the range (0, 6).
ODPS-0720171 : Invalid IO sort buffer The specified I/O sort buffer is out of the range (64 MB,
ODPS-0720181:Classpath resource between comma must not be empty Content between commas in classpath is null.
ODPS-0720191:Invalid input split mode The specified split mod is invalid.
ODPS-0720201:Invalid map split size The specified is invalid.
ODPS-0720211:Invalid number of map tasks The specified is out of the range [1, 100,000].
ODPS-0720221:Invalid max splits number The specified max sample split is invalid.
ODPS-0720231:Job input not set No input is specified for the job.
ODPS-0720241:Num of map instance is too big The number of map instances is greater than that set by
ODPS-0720251: Num of reduce instance is invalid The number of reduce instances is out of the range [0, odps.mapred.reduce.tasks].
ODPS-0720261:Invalid partition value The specified partition value is invalid.
ODPS-0720271: Allow no input is conflict to split mode When setting setallowNoInput(true), you set a split mode different from that of ALLOW_NO_INPUT.
ODPS-0720281: Invalid partitition format The partition format is invalid.
ODPS-0720291:Invalid description json The format of input description JSON is invalid.
ODPS-0720301:Too many job input The specified input number exceeds (1024 by default).
ODPS-0720311:Invalid output label The format of the output label is invalid.
ODPS-0720321: Too many job output The specified output number exceeds odps.mapred.max.output.num (256 by default).
ODPS-0720331: Too many cache resources The specified resource number exceeds odps.mapred.job.max.cache.resource.num.
ODPS-0730005:MR job internal error An internal error that is out of user control occurs in MR task.