Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) establishes connections among networks on a global scale. Fees are charged based on the regions where the networks are deployed. The Alibaba Cloud account that owns the network is irrelevant to the fees. You do not need to purchase CEN bandwidth plans to connect networks that are deployed in the same region. In this case, no fee is required. To connect networks across regions, you must purchase a CEN bandwidth plan and set cross-region bandwidth.

Billing rules of bandwidth plans

Bandwidth plans are required for connecting networks across regions. Each bandwidth plan is charged based on the bandwidth. Fees vary depending on the connected areas and plan.

  • Billing item: bandwidth. The minimum bandwidth available is 2 Mbit/s.
  • Billing method: subscription

    Subscription bandwidth plans cannot be deleted and are automatically released after expiration.

  • Billing circle: 30 days.
Note If you need to perform a trial run before you use bandwidth plans to deploy workloads, submit a ticket to apply for pay-as-you-go bandwidth plans. Notes on using pay-as-you-go bandwidth plans:
  • Pay-as-you-go bandwidth plans can be used only in trials. You can submit a ticket to apply for pay-as-you-go bandwidth plans. CEN is offering a free trial of pay-as-you-go bandwidth plans. For more information, see CEN free trial.
  • Pay-as-you-go bandwidth plans are charged based on the duration of use, which is rounded up to the number of calendar days. If the duration of use is shorter than one calendar day, fees are calculated based on one calendar day. For example, if you purchase a pay-as-you-go bandwidth plan on 23:00:00, the duration of use is considered one calendar day. For the prices of bandwidth plans, refer to the information listed on the buy page.
  • After your trial ends, delete the pay-as-you-go bandwidth plans. The billing stops only after the pay-as-you-go bandwidth plans are deleted.

Types of bandwidth plans

When you purchase a bandwidth plan, you must specify the areas to be connected. Each area contains one or more regions. Bandwidth plans are classified into the following types based on the connected areas. The price of each type of bandwidth plan varies depending on the connected areas. If the connected areas are different in bandwidth plans of the same type, the bandwidth plans are charged at different prices.

Bandwidth plan types and their connected areas are described as follows:

Bandwidth plan type Connected area
Connection between Mainland China and areas outside mainland China
  • Mainland China and Asia Pacific
  • Mainland China and North America
  • Mainland China and Europe
  • Mainland China and Australia
Connection inside and outside mainland China
  • Mainland China and Mainland China
  • Asia Pacific and North America
  • Asia Pacific and Europe
  • Asia Pacific and Asia Pacific
  • North America and North America
  • North America and Europe
  • Australia and Europe
  • Australia and North America
  • Australia and Asia Pacific
  • Europe and Europe

Areas and their regions are described as follows:

Area Included regions
Mainland China China (Qingdao), China (Beijing), China (Zhangjiakou), China (Shenzhen), China (Hangzhou), China (Shanghai), China (Hohhot), China (Chengdu)
North America US (Silicon Valley), US (Virginia)
Asia Pacific China (Hong Kong), Singapore, Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Japan (Tokyo), Indonesia (Jakarta), India (Mumbai)
Europe Germany (Frankfurt), UK (London)
Australia Australia (Sydney)


For the prices of bandwidth plans, refer to the information listed on the buy page or contact your sales manager.

For more information, see Purchase a bandwidth package.