The communications between networks within the same region are free of charge and do not require a bandwidth package to be purchased.  To connect networks between different regions, you must buy a bandwidth package.

Billing method of bandwidth packages

Each bandwidth package is billed based on the bandwidth, and the bandwidth costs of different interconnection areas are different.
  • Billing item: Bandwidth, the minimum bandwidth is 2 Mpbs
  • Billing method: Subscription
  • Billing cycle: per month

Bandwidth package type

When purchasing a bandwidth package, you must specify the interconnected areas. Each area contains one or more regions. According to the interconnected areas, the bandwidth package is divided into the following three types, and the cost of each type is different.

Note Bandwidth packages are required only when the cross-region communication is needed. No bandwidth package is required for the communication in the same region.
Bandwidth package type Interconnected areas
Mainland China interconnection Mainland China and Mainland China
Connection to Mainland China

Mainland China and Asia Pacific

Mainland China and North America

Mainland China and Europe

Mainland China and Australia

Global intercommunication

Asia Pacific and North America

Asia Pacific and Europe

Asia Pacific and Asia Pacific

North America and North America

North America and Europe

Australia and Europe

Australia and North America

Australia and Asia Pacific

Australia and Australia

Product pricing

Please refer to the product pricing on the purchase page or consult your customer manager.