This topic describes the benefits of Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN).

Worldwide connection

CEN is an enterprise-class network that can connect the global network resources of Alibaba Cloud. CEN can also connect network resources of enterprises that are connected to Alibaba Cloud. CEN ensures that all connected IP addresses are unique. This avoids IP address conflicts. CEN uses controllers to automatically distribute and learn routes among nodes. This ensures fast route convergence.

Low latency and high speed

CEN offers low-latency and high-speed network transmission. The maximum transmission rate between two on-premises networks can reach the port forwarding rate of the gateway devices. The latency of global communication through CEN is much lower than that through the Internet.

Nearest access and shortest path

CEN deploys multiple access points and forwarding points in more than 60 regions around the world so users can connect to Alibaba Cloud from the nearest access point. This enables data transfer through a responsive and low-latency network. CEN automatically calculates the shortest path between on-premises data centers and Alibaba network resources.

Connection resilience and disaster recovery

CEN is highly available and supports connection resilience. It creates more than one connection between any two access points. This ensures that your workloads are running without network jitters or disruption when some of the connections are interrupted.

Systematic management

Network maintenance and monitoring are systematic. CEN can automatically detect route conflicts caused by system changes. This ensures network stability.