Worldwide connection

CEN is an enterprise-class network that can interconnect the Alibaba Cloud network resources around the world. CEN can also interconnect the local data centers that are already attached to the Alibaba Cloud network. CEN validates the IP address ranges of the connected networks and ensures that the IP address ranges are not in conflict. Additionally, CEN will automatically realize the multi-node adaptive routing forwarding and distribution through controllers. You do not need to manually configure the routing. The adaptive routing process improves the network performance.

Low latency and high speed

CEN provides low-latency and high-speed network transmission. The maximum local intercommunication rate can reach the port forwarding rate of a device. From the perspective of the global network communication, the overall latency of CEN has greatly improved compared with the latency of the public network.

Nearby access and shortest-path connection

CEN has deployed multiple access points in more than 60 regions around the world to facilitate global access to Alibaba Cloud. CEN uses the shortest-path algorithm to implement the quick connection of local data centers and the Alibaba Cloud network resources.

Redundancy and disaster recovery

CEN features high availability and network redundancy. There are at least four redundant links between any two access points. If a link is interrupted, CEN can ensure the service continuity without network jitter and interruption.

Systematic management

Network monitoring is systematic. CEN can automatically detect any route conflicts caused by system changes and ensure the stability of the network.