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Create offline packages

Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Before creating an offline package, you need to complete the basic and configuration information.


You have configured an offline package on the Manage configurations page. For more information, see Configure offline packages.

About this task

When you upload the first offline package for an HTML5 app, you must select the offline package type. Once the offline package type is selected, it can not be changed. Each HTML5 app has only one type of offline package.


Go to the mPaaS console, and follow the following steps:

  1. On the left navigation bar, click Mobile Delivery Service > Offline package management.
  2. On the offline package list page, click Create an HTML5 app. You can skip this step if an HTML5 application already exists.
  3. In the Create an HTML5 app window, enter the HTML5 app ID and HTML5 app name, and then click Submit. You can skip this step if an HTML5 application already exists.
    Note : HTML5 app ID must be eight digits.
  4. On the page of the added HTML5 app, click Add.
  5. Configure the following information in the Basic information section:
    • Resource package type: Select Global resource package or Normal resource package.
    • Version: Enter the version of the offline package, for example,
    • Client verison range: Select the type of the client and enter the minimum and maximum versions of the client.
      Note: At least one client type is required. Only clients within the version range can receive the new offline packages. For version information of iOS client, find the Product Version field in the project’s info.plist file.
    • File: Upload the offline package file in .zip format.
  6. In the Configuration information section, configure the following information:
    • Main entrance URL: Optional. The homepage of the offline package.
      Note: A complete path is required, such as /www/index.html, where /www is the name of second-level directory you customized.
    • Virtual domain name: The virtual domain name that you enter when you configure the offline package is automatically displayed.
    • Extended information: Optional. Enter the page loading parameters in key-value (KV) formats. Separate multiple KV pairs with commas (,).
      Note: On the mPaaS platform, you can configure a request interval for HTML5 offline packages. You can apply the settings to a single offline package or globally.
      • Single package configuration: Apply to the current offline package only. In the Extended information field, you can enter {"asyncReqRate":"1800"} to set the request interval, where 1800 indicates the interval. The interval is measured in seconds and ranges from 0 to 86400 seconds (0 to 24 hours). Value 0 indicates no limit on request interval.
      • Global configuration: Apply to all offline packages. This parameter is specified in the client code. For more information, see Access Android client and Access iOS client.
    • Network for download: Choose the network environment for downloading the offline package. You can choose Wi-Fi only or All networks.
      • If you select Wi-Fi only, the offline package will be automatically downloaded in the background only with Wi-Fi connection.
      • If you select All networks, in non-Wi-Fi network, the offline package will still be automatically downloaded consuming user’s mobile data. Thus, set it with caution.
    • Time of installation: Select the time to install the offline package.
      • If you select Not preload, the offline package will be installed only when the offline package is opened.
      • If you select Preload, the offline package will be automatically installed after the offline package is downloaded.
  7. Click Submit.

What to do next

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