This API queries details about cloud data migration tasks, including details about specific migrated files. It has the following constraints:

  • This API is applicable only to SQL Server 2008 R2 instances.

  • The source file must be the full backup file of the source database.

Request parameters

Parameter Type Required Description
Action String Yes Name of the API. Value: DescribeOssDownloads.
DBInstanceId String Yes Instance ID.
MigrateTaskId String Yes ID of the migration task.

Response parameters

Parameter Type Description
DBInstanceId String Instance ID.
MigrateTaskId String ID of the migration task.
Items List Import records.

Parameters for Items

Parameter Type Description:
FileName String Name of the backup file stored in an OSS instance.
CreateTime String Creation time of the backup file in the download list.
BackupMode String Data migration task type. Currently, only the value FULL can be returned. Optional values:
  • FULL: One-time full backup file migration.
  • DIFF: One-time incremental backup file migration.
  • LOG: Multiple migrations of incremental backup files.
FileSize String Size of the backup file, in MB.
Status String File status. Optional values:
  • NoStart: Download not started.
  • Downloading: Download in progress.
  • Finished: Download completed.
  • DownloadFailed: Download failed.
  • VerifyFailed: MD5 verification failed.
  • Deleted: Already deleted.
  • DeleteFailed: Deletion failed.
  • CheckSuccess: Check successful.
  • CheckFailed: Check failed.
  • Restoring: Restore in progress.
  • Restored: Restore successful.
  • RestoreFailed: Restore failed.
IsAvailable String Availability status. Optional values:
  • False: Unavailable.
  • True: Available.
Description String File description.