The Service Level Agreement (SLA) stipulates the Service Availability Level indicators and compensation plans of the big data computing Service (MaxCompute) that Alibaba Cloud provides to customers.

Effective date: January 1, February 1, 2018


Service cycle: a service cycle is a calendar month.

Total minutes of service cycle: calculated based on the total number of days in the service cycle × 24 (hours) × 60 (minutes).

Error rate: the number of valid requests that cause HTTP status 500 and code "ODPS-0010000: System internalerror" responses within a period of time divided by the number of valid requests within this period of time. therefore, the error rate in this period is obtained. Repeated requests are not included in the error rate.

Service unavailability: The service unavailability time is measured based on the server error rate. If the MaxCompute server error rate exceeds 5%, the service is unavailable.

Service unavailable Time period: the statistics are collected every five minutes. If the error rate exceeds 5% within these five minutes, the service is considered unavailable for that five minutes.

Monthly service fee: the total charges paid by the customer for a single MaxCompute Project in one calendar month. If the customer pays the service fee for multiple months in one lump sum, the monthly service fee is equal to the number of months purchased.

Service Availability

Service availability is calculated on a per Project basis as follows:
Service Availability = ((total service cycle minutes-number of service unavailable time periods * 5)/Total service cycle minutes) ×

The service availability of MaxCompute shall not be lower than 99.9%. If MaxCompute fails to meet the above-mentioned availability commitment, the customer may obtain compensation in accordance with the provisions of Article 3rd of this agreement.

The scope of compensation does not include the time of service unavailability due to the following reasons:

(1) system maintenance conducted by Alibaba Cloud after prior notice, including cutovers, repairs, upgrades, and failure simulation drills;

(2) any faults or configuration changes on networks or equipment which do not belong to Alibaba Cloud;

(3) hacker attacks on the customer's applications;

(4) loss or leakage of data, passwords, codes, etc. due to improper maintenance or confidentiality by the customer;

(5) negligence of the customer or operations authorized by the customer;

(6) failure of the customer to follow the Alibaba Cloud product user documentation or recommendations;

(7) force majeure.

Compensation Plan

3.1 Standard of compensation

For each MaxCompute project, the monthly service availability of a single project is calculated according to the standards listed in the following table. The compensation method is limited to the voucher used for purchasing MaxCompute products. the total compensation amount shall not exceed the monthly service fee paid by the customer for the MaxCompute project in the month when the service availability commitment is not met (excluding the fee deducted using cash coupons).

Service Availability Amount of compensation voucher
Less than 99.9% but equal to or higher than 99.00% Of monthly service fees
Less than 99.00% but equal to or higher than 95.00% 30% of monthly service fees
Less than 95.00% Of monthly service fees

3.2 Time limit for application for compensation

You may file a claim for service credit after the fifth (5th) workday in the next calendar month.

Your claim for service credit must be filed within two (2) months after the last day of the calendar month of occurrence of the event giving rise to the claim. Your claim beyond the time limit will not be accepted.


Alibaba Cloud reserves the right to modify the terms of this SLA. If any terms of this SLA are modified, Alibaba Cloud will notify you 30 days in advance through website announcement or email. If you do not agree with the amended SLA, you have the right to stop using the MaxCompute service. Your continued use of the service after the publication of the amended SLA shall be deemed as your acceptance of the amended SLA.