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Get configurations

Last Updated: Mar 23, 2018


This API is used to get configurations in ACM.

Request type


Request URL


Request parameters

Name Type Required Description
tenant string Yes Tenant information. It corresponds to the Namespace field in ACM.
dataId string Yes Configuration ID.
group string Yes Configuration group.

Header parameters

Name Type Required Description
Spas-AccessKey string Yes You can find the AccessKey in the ACM console.
timeStamp string Yes A time string (in milliseconds) indicating when the request is made.
Spas-Signature string Yes SpasSigner.sign( Tenant+ group+ timeStamp, secretKey)
Sign the tenant, group, and timestamp with a key using the signature algorithm HMACSHA1. The timestamp is signed to prevent replay attacks. The signature is valid for 60s.

Return parameters

Parameter type Description
String Configuration value

Error codes

Error code Description Meaning
400 Bad Request Syntax error in the client request
403 Forbidden No permission
404 Not Found Client error, not found
500 Internal Server Error Internal server error
200 OK Normal


  • Request example

    1. http:serverIp:8080/diamond-server/config.co?dataId=dataIdparam&group=groupParam&tenant=tenantParam
  • Return example

    1. contentTest
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