This topic describes a variety of methods on how to build websites on ECS.


  1. Select the ECS instance.

    The configurations of the ECS instance depend on the website type. You must determine the proper website size and estimate the number of visitors before you activate the ECS instance. For a small website, you can select an ECS instance with basic configurations. For more information about how to purchase an instance, see Create an instance by using the provided wizard.

    ECS instances support the subscription and pay-as-you-go billing methods. For more information, see Billing overview. For prices of different configurations, see Pricing of ECS.

  2. Deploy a website.
  3. Purchase a domain name.

    Enter the domain name that you want to purchase. If the domain name is not in use, you can purchase the domain name. For more information, see Register a domain name.

    For the difference between the suffix .com and .net, see Domain name differences.

  4. Apply for an Internet Content Provider (ICP) filing for the domain name.
    Note If the instance that hosts your website is located in Mainland China, you must apply for an ICP filing for your domain name. Otherwise, you can skip this step.
    1. Prepare for the ICP filing.

      You must prepare the application materials based on the ICP filing regulations of the province, autonomous region, or municipality where you intend to submit the application. For more information, see ICP filing regulations of MIIT in different regions. For more information, see Preparations.

    2. Apply for an ICP filing.

      For more information, see Quick Start.

  5. Resolve the domain name.

    You can resolve your domain name in Alibaba Cloud DNS. For more information, see Configure the domain resolution. After you configure domain name resolution, users can visit your website through the configured domain name.

    To map the domain name to an IP address, add an A record. For more information, see Record types.

Now you have built a website on your own. After you built your website, you can visit the website and test its service by using the domain name.


The following section describes the frequently asked questions and corresponding solutions for using ECS instances or building websites:


  • For information about how to select Alibaba Cloud services and configurations based on business needs, see Architecture Design and Cloudification Consultation.
  • If you want to migrate your business from an on-premises data center or a hosted data center to Alibaba Cloud, you can request technical support for cloud migration to Alibaba Cloud. Professional cloud migration solutions are provided to support your business. For more information, see Cloud Migration Support.