The Project Explorer of MaxCompute Studio provides the visualized table structure editor used to create and modify tables.

Visualization of creating a table


  1. Right-click the project that you want to create the table, and select create a new table.

  2. In the dialog box that appears, enter a table name and column information. Click Generate CreateTable  Statement generates the corresponding pant statement, click Execute to execute the build table.

    When you set the table name, column name, type, and lifecycle, observe the related requirements of MaxCompute. For more information, seeTable operations.

  3. After the table is created, view the table metadata in table&view of the Project Explorer. If no metadata is displayed, refresh the list.

Visualization of modifying a table


  1. Intable&view of the Project Explorer, right-click the expected table and select Open table  Editor:

  2. In the dialog box that appears, edit the table. You can modify the table comments, table lifecycle, column name, and column description, and add columns. Specific rules follow the MaxCompute table requirements and can be found inTable operations.

  3. After completing the modifications, click Alter Table Statement Generate a specific alter statement and click Executeto perform the table modify operation. After successful execution, view the table metadata.

Visualization of deleting a table

In table&view of theProject Explorer, right-click the expected table and select Drop table from server:

Select OKin the bullet box to remove the table from the MaxCompute service.