This topic describes how to purchase an Anti-DDoS Origin Enterprise instance.


Anti-DDoS Origin Enterprise instances are available only after you complete enterprise real-name verification.

Background information

Anti-DDoS Origin provides the Basic and Enterprise protection plans.
  • Basic: provides free basic protection for Alibaba Cloud resources that have public IP addresses configured. Anti-DDoS Origin Basic provides basic protection of up to 5 Gbit/s.
  • Enterprise: provides protection for Alibaba Cloud resources that have public IP addresses configured after you purchase the protection plan. These resources include Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances, Server Load Balancer (SLB) instances, Elastic IP (EIP) instances, and Web Application Firewall (WAF) assets. Anti-DDoS Origin Enterprise provides basic protection of up to 20 Gbit/s and unlimited protection that is shared by all attached resources. Unlimited protection provides defense against DDoS attacks. The protection capacity is based on the total number of resources that reside in an anti-DDoS cluster. The capacity of unlimited protection increases when the overall network capacity of Alibaba Cloud increases. You do not need to pay extra expenses for the capacity increase.

    For more information about Anti-DDoS Origin pricing structures, see Billing methods.


  1. Visit the Anti-DDoS Pro official website and use your Alibaba Cloud account to log on.
  2. Click Buy Now.
  3. On the Anti-DDoS Pro purchase page, click the Anti-DDoS Origin tab.
  4. On the Anti-DDoS Origin purchase tab, configure the required settings. The following table describes the settings of an Anti-DDoS Origin Enterprise instance.
    Setting Description
    Protection Plan Select Enterprise.
    IP Protocol No change is required. Only the IPv4 protocol is available.
    Region Select a region where the Anti-DDoS Origin instance resides. Available regions include China (Hangzhou), China (Shanghai), China (Qingdao), China (Beijing), China (Zhangjiakou-Beijing Winter Olympics), China (Hohhot), and China (Shenzhen).
    Notice The region where the Anti-DDoS Origin instance resides must be the same as the region where the attached protection target resides. The protection target can contain Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances, Server Load Balancer (SLB) instances, and other cloud resources.
    Resource Group The resource group that hosts the Anti-DDoS Origin instance.
    Clean Bandwidth The average throughput of the business to be protected. The setting is measured in bit/s. Valid values include 100 Mbit/s, 300 Mbit/s, 500 Mbit/s, 800 Mbit/s, 1 Gbit/s, 1.5 Gbit/s, 2 Gbit/s, 2.5 Gbit/s, and 3 Gbit/s.

    For more information about how to select a clean bandwidth, see Anti-DDoS Origin Enterprise instance specifications.

    Protected IP Addresses The total number of IP addresses to be protected. Valid values range from 100 to 255. The default value is 100.
    Quantity The number of Anti-DDoS Origin instances that you want to purchase.
    Duration The subscription duration of your Anti-DDoS Origin instance. Valid values include 1 Year, 2 Years, and 3 Years.
  5. Click Submit Purchase Request in the Confirm Configuration dialog box.
  6. On the Apply for Anti-DDoS Origin Enterprise page, submit information about your enterprise and your contact information for approval.
  7. After the request is approved, complete payment.


You successfully purchase the Anti-DDoS Origin Enterprise instance. On the Instances page of the Anti-DDoS Origin console, you can view the list of instances that you have purchased.

What to do next

Activate Anti-DDoS Origin to protect IP addresses from DDoS attacks