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Last Updated: Nov 15, 2018

This Alibaba Cloud International Website ApsaraVideo VOD (VOD) Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) applies to your purchase and use of the Alibaba Cloud International Website ApsaraVideo VOD (“Service”) and your use of the Service is subjected to the terms and conditions of the Alibaba Cloud Product Terms of Service (“Product Terms”) between the relevant Alibaba Cloud entity described in the Product Terms (“Alibaba Cloud”, “us”, or “we”) and you.

This SLA takes effect as of May 9, 2018.

1. Definitions

Service Cycle: A Service Cycle is a calendar month.

Failed Requests: Failed requests are requests that are responded with an HTTP 5XX code or fail to reach the VOD server due to VOD service failures, excluding the following:

(1) Requests that encounter errors or service unavailability due to rational upgrade, changes, or suspension of the VOD service;

(2) Requests restricted by VOD due to hacking of your applications;

(3) Any errors caused by blocked domain names due to illegal content or other reasons.

Valid Requests: Valid requests are all requests that the VOD server receives.

Error Rate per Five Minutes:

Error rate

Monthly Service Fee: The total fees that you pay for the VOD service under your Alibaba Cloud account in one calendar month. This fee is calculated by traffic, bandwidth, or various resource packages. If you have prepaid the service fee for multiple months at a time, Monthly Service Fee is equal to the prepayment divided by the number of months covered by the prepayment, or the prepayment multiplied by the usage ratio of each month.

2. Service availability

2.1 Formula for calculating service availability:

Service availability of VOD is measured by Service Cycle. The Error Rates per Five Minutes in a Service Cycle are summed up and divided by the number of five-minute periods in a Service Cycle to get the average Error Rate per Five Minutes. Then, the service availability is calculated by reference to the following formula:

Formula for calculating service availability

Note: Number of Five-minute Periods in A Service Cycle = 12 x 24 x Number of Days in the Service Cycle

2.2 Service Level Agreement

Alibaba Cloud shall use commercially reasonable endeavors to provide a Service Availability of no less than 99.90% each calendar month in connection with your use of the Service (the “Service Guarantee”). If Alibaba Cloud fails to meet the Service Guarantee, subject to the terms and conditions of this SLA, you shall be entitled to claim a compensation in accordance with Section 3 herein. Claims do not apply to request failures or service unavailability due to any of the following:

(1) System maintenance conducted after Alibaba Cloud notice in advance, including cutovers, repairs, upgrades and fault simulation drills;

(2) Events that result from any faults or configuration changes on networks or equipment that do not belong to Alibaba Cloud;

(3) The hacking of the user’s application or data;

(4) Loss or leakage of data, passwords, codes, and so on, due to the user’s improper maintenance or confidentiality;

(5) Operating system upgrades performed by the user;

(6) Users’ applications or installation activities;

(7) The user’s negligence or authorized operations;

(8) Force majeure or unexpected events;

(9) Unavailability due to any other reason beyond the control of Alibaba Cloud.

3. Proposed compensation

3.1 Compensation standards

Based on the VOD Service Availability under an Alibaba Cloud account, the amount of compensation is calculated in accordance with the standards listed in the following table. Alibaba Cloud shall refund you by coupon for VOD services as compensation, and the total coupon amount shall not exceed 50% of your Monthly Service Fee (excluding the fee paid by coupon) in the month in case that Alibaba Cloud fails to meet the Service Guarantee.

Service availability Coupon amount
Less than 99.90%, but equal to or greater than 99.00% 10% of Monthly Service Fee
Less than 99.00%, but equal to or greater than 95.00% 25% of Monthly Service Fee
Less than 95.00% 50% of Monthly Service Fee
3.2 Claim time limits

If you believe that the Service Guarantee in connection with your use of the Service is not met in any calendar month, you may file a claim for the affected instance after the fifth (5th) workday in the next calendar month. You must raise your claim for compensation within two (2) months since the last day of the calendar month of occurrence of the event giving rise to the claim. Your failure to submit the claim within this time limit shall be deemed an irrevocable waiver of your right to claim and receive such compensation.

4. Miscellaneous

Alibaba Cloud reserves the right to change the terms of this SLA. We shall notify you of any amendment to the terms of this SLA thirty (30) days in advance through website notice or email. If you do not agree with any amendment, you have the right to stop using the VOD service. Your continued use of the service after the publication of the amended SLA shall be deemed as your acceptance of the amended SLA.