Obtain slow ration of video CDN domain names with 5-minute granularity.

  • When StartTime and EndTime are not specified, the system reads data from the past 24 hours by default. Query by specified start time and end time is also supported. The two parameters must be both specified.
  • Batch domain name query is not supported.
  • Data from the past 30 days can be obtained at most.

Request parameters

Parameters Type Required  Example values Description
Action String Yes DescribeDomainSlowRatio The name of this interface. Value: DescribeDomainSlowRatio
DomainName String Yes. test.test.com CDN domain name.
EndTime String No 2016-10-20T04:00:00Z

End time.

  • The date format adopts ISO8601 notation and uses the UTC time.
  • The time interval between the start time and end time is less than 30 days.
  • Example: 2016-10-20T04:00:00Z.
PageNumber Integer No 1 Page number, starting from 1.
PageSize Integer No 20 Page size.
StartTime String No 2016-10-20T04:00:00Z

Start time.

  • The date format adopts ISO8601 notation and uses the UTC time.
  • Example: 2016-10-20T04:00:00Z.
Version String No 2014-11-11 API version.

Return parameters

Parameters Type Example values Description
EndTime String 017-09-30T16:00:00Z End time.
DataInterval Integer 300

Time interval. 

Units: seconds

PageNumber Integer 1. The current page number, beginning with 1.
PageSize Integer 20. Page size.
TotalCount Integer 2 The total number of slow ratio data.
StartTime String 017-09-30T16:00:00Z Start time.
SlowRatioDataPerInterval List of slow ratio data.
  └TotalUsers Integer 15 The total number of users.
  └SlowUsers Integer 3 Number of slow users.
  └SlowRatio Float 0.2 Slow ratio.
  └RegionNameZh String The city of Beijing Region information in Chinese.
  └RegionNameEn String beijing Region information in English.
  └IspNameZh String  Unicom ISP information in Chinese.
  └IspNameEn String unicom ISP information in English.
  └Time String 2017-09-30T16:00:00Z Time.


Request example

Normal request example
  • JSON format

                    "RegionNameZh":"Guangdong province",
                    "RegionNameZh":"The city of Beijing",
Exception return example
  • JSON format

        "Message":"The request processing has failed due to some unknown error.",