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Add security group

Last Updated: Jan 02, 2019

To ascertain the security and stability of databases, you must add the IP addresses or IP segments used for accessing the database to the Add whitelist or security group of the target instance before using certain database instances. This article describes how to add a corresponding security group when you are using DataWorks (formerly Data IDE) in different regions.

Add a security group

  • If the self-built data source synchronization tasks on your ECS run on a custom resource group, you must authorize the machine of that custom resource group by adding the private/public IP and port of the custom machine to the ECS security group.

  • If the self-built data source on your ECS runs on the default resource group, you must authorize the default machine, and enter your security group content based on the region of DataWorks you choose as shown in the following table:

Region Authorized object Account ID
East China 2 (Shanghai) sg-bp13y8iuj33uqpqvgqw2 1156529087455811
South China 1 (Shenzhen) sg-wz9ar9o9jgok5tajj7ll 1156529087455811
Southeast Asia Pacific 1 (Singapore) sg-t4n222njci99ik5y6dag 1156529087455811
Hong Kong sg-j6c28uqpqb27yc3tjmb6 1156529087455811
US West 1 (Silicon Valley) sg-rj9bowpmdvhyl53lza2j 1156529087455811
US East 1 sg-0xienf2ak8gs0puz68i9 1156529087455811
North China 2 (Beijing) sg-2ze3236e8pcbxw61o9y0 1156529087455811

Add an ECS security group


  1. Log on to the ECS console.

  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Networks and Security > Security Groups.

  3. Select a target region.

  4. Locate the security group for which you want to configure the authorization rules and click Configure Rules in the Actions column.

  5. On the Security Group Rules page, click Add Security Group Rules.

  6. In the displayed dialog box, set the following parameters.

  7. Click OK.