DescribeRegions is used to return all region IDs.

Request parameters

Parameter name Type Required Description
Action String TRUE Operation interface name and system required parameter. Value: DescribeRegions
AcceptLanguage String FALSE Default value: none. Chinese: zh-CN, English: en-US, Japanese: ja
PageSize Integer FALSE The number of regions contained on each page. The default value is 10.
PageNumber Integer FALSE The page number of the list (beginning from 1).

Response parameters

Parameter name  Type Description
RequestId String Request ID
TotalCount Integer The total number of returned region information items
PageSize  Integer   The number of regions contained on each page
PageNumber Integer The page number of the list
Regions RegionType Region description


  • Request example

    &<Public Request Parameter>
  • Response example
    • XML example

      <? xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"? >
      	  <LocalName>China East 1</LocalName>
            <LocalName>China East 2</LocalName>
    • JSON example

        "TotalCount": 4,
        "PageSize": 2,
        "RequestId": "A70BEE5D-76D3-49FB-B58F-1F398211A5C3",
        "PageNumber": 1,
        "Regions": {
          "Region": [
              "RegionId": "cn-hangzhou",
      		"RegionEndpoint": "",
              "LocalName": "China East 1"
              "RegionId": "cn-shanghai",
              "RegionEndpoint": "",
      		"LocalName": "China East 2"