If you want to continue using a Subscription instance after it expires, you must renew the instance within the prescribed period. Otherwise, both the instance and disk are automatically released. The stored data is erased permanently and cannot be recovered. For more information about what happens when a Subscription instance expires, see Subscription.

  • You cannot cancel a paid renewal order.
  • Pay-As-You-Go instances do not involve renewal. Make sure you have sufficient balance on your linked credit card or PayPal account to cover the costs.
Subscriptions to Alibaba Cloud ECS can be renewed by the following means:
  • Manual renewal

    • The instance configurations cannot be changed at the time of renewal.
    • Renewal cycle: One month or one year.
  • Auto-renewal. You can enable the auto-renewal feature for an instance at or after instance creation. The instance is automatically renewed before it expires.

    • The instance configuration is unchangeable at the time of renewal.
    • Renewal cycle: Renewed based on the current billing cycle of the instance.
  • Renewal for Configuration Downgrade. You can downgrade the configuration of an instance and its associated resources when renewing the instance. The downgraded configuration takes effect at the start of the next billing cycle, which can reduce the costs.

    • The instance configuration is changeable at the time of renewal.
    • Renewal cycle: One month or one year.