NAS provides the following APIs.

Serial No. Category API Description
1 Region DescribeRegions Return all Region IDs.
2 File system CreateFileSystem Create a new file system.
3 File system DeleteFileSystem Delete existing file systems.
4 File system DescribeFileSystems Return file system description.
5 File system ModifyFileSystem Modify file system information.
6 Mount point CreateMountTarget Create a mount point.
7 Mount point DeleteMountTarget Delete existing mount points.
8 Mount point DescribeMountTargets Return mount point description.
9 Mount point ModifyMountTarget Modify mount point information.
10 Permission group CreateAccessGroup Create a permission group.
11 Permission group DeleteAccessGroup Delete existing permission groups.
12 Permission group DescribeAccessGroups Return permission group description.
13 Permission group ModifyAccessGroup Modify a permission group.
14 Permission group CreateAccessRule Create a permission rule.
15 Permission group DeleteAccessRule Delete existing permission rules.
16 Permission group DescribeAccessRules Return permission rule description.
17 Permission group ModifyAccessRule Modify permission rules.
19 Snapshots for NAS Extreme CreateSnapshot Create a snapshot.
20 Snapshots for NAS Extreme CreateAutoSnapshotPolicy Create an automatic snapshot policy.
21 Snapshots for NAS Extreme ApplyAutoSnapshotPolicy Apply an automatic snapshot policy to one or more file systems.
22 Snapshots for NAS Extreme DeleteSnapshot Delete a snapshot.
23 Snapshots for NAS Extreme CancelAutoSnapshotPolicy Disable automatic snapshot policies for one or more file systems.
24 Snapshots for NAS Extreme DeleteAutoSnapshotPolicy Delete an automatic snapshot policy.
25 Snapshots for NAS Extreme DescribeSnapshots Query the list of all snapshots of the file system.
26 Snapshots for NAS Extreme DescribeAutoSnapshotPolicies Query the automatic snapshot policies you have created.
27 Snapshots for NAS Extreme ModifyAutoSnapshotPolicy Modify an automatic snapshot policy.
28 Snapshots for NAS Extreme ResetFileSystem Restore a file system to the status when a snapshot was created.
29 Tags AddTags Add one or multiple tags to a file system.
30 Tags RemoveTags Remove one or multiple tags from a file system.
31 Tags DescribeTags Search by tags added to a specific file system.