The Properties and Parameters page provides detailed information about the current job, including the current running information and running history.

Go to the Properties and Parameters page

  1. Go to the Job Administration page.
    1. Log on to the Realtime Compute Console.
    2. In the top navigation bar, click Administration.
    3. In the Jobs section, click the target job name under the Job Name field.
  2. On the Job Administration page, click Properties and Parameters at the top.

Job code

You can preview the SQL job code on the Code tab. In the upper-right corner of the Code tab, click Edit Job to go to the Development page.

Resource configuration

  • On the Resource Configuration tab, you can view the configuration of the resources involved in job running, such as CPU, memory, and parallelism.
  • After the AutoScale feature is enabled, you can query the AutoScale iteration history on the Resource Configuration tab.
    Note Only Realtime Compute V3.0.0 or later allows you to query the AutoScale iteration history.

Job properties

On the Properties tab, you can view the basic information about a job.

Runtime parameters

On the Runtime Parameters tab, you can view the job running parameters including the underlying checkpoint and start time.


On the History tab, you can view all version information of a job operation, including the operator, start offset, and end time.

Job parameters

On the Parameters tab, you can enter the job parameters supported by Realtime Compute. For example, you can customize the delimiter for debugging.