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Last Updated: Mar 30, 2018


Deletes the instance meta data.

Request parameters

Name type Required or not Description
RegionId String Yes ID of the region in which the instance is located
InstanceId String Yes Instance ID
ReverseIp String Yes Reverse VPC IP address of the instance
ReversePort Integer Yes Reverse VPC Port of the instance
Metric String Yes The metric list to be cleansed. If the list is empty, it is not cleansed. The list is in JSON format, for example, ["cpuload", "mem", "blahmetric"].
Tags String No The tag condition to be cleansed. It is in JSON format, for example, {"city":"shanghai", "host":""}.

NOTE: All the above request parameters have no default value.

Return example

JSON format:

    "code": "200",
    "data": {
        "RequestId": "1556DCB0-043A-4444-8BD9-CF4A68E7EE64"
    "requestId": "1556DCB0-043A-4444-8BD9-CF4A68E7EE64",
    "successResponse": true