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O&M APIs overview

Last Updated: Sep 23, 2020

This pages lists all the control APIs and enumeration fields. For more details, see O&M APIs.

List of enumeration fields

Field Value Description
InstanceClass hitsdb.n1.6xlarge The instance specifications
InstanceStatus CREATING (“CREATING”, 0, “under creation”)
DELETED (“DELETED”, 8, “deleted”)
ChargeType PREPAY, POSTPAY Payment method. Options are prepayment and post payment.
AggregatorType count, sum, avg, min, max Aggregator type
DownSampleTime 1m, 5m, 15m, 30m, 1h, 12h, 24h Downsampled time interval
DeletionJobStatus SUBMITTED (submitted), STARTED (under execution), FINISHED (finished), FAILED (execution fails) Status of the data deletion job
DeletionJobType DATA (data), META (time series) Type of the data deletion job

List of O&M APIs

API Description
DescribeRegions Deploys the region list
DescribeHiTSDBInstanceList Queries the database to obtain the instance list
DeleteHiTSDBInstance Deletes the instance
DescribeHiTSDBInstance Obtains instance details
ModifyHiTSDBInstanceSecurityIpList Sets an IP address whitelist for the instance
RestartHiTSDBInstance Restarts the instance
RenameHiTSDBInstanceAlias Modifies the instance’s alias
DeleteHiTSDBInstanceMeta Deletes the instance’s meta data
DescribeHiTSDBInstanceDataTtl Queries the instance’s data TTL
ExploreHiTSDBInstanceDataMetricList Obtains the metrics list of the instance
ExploreHiTSDBInstanceDataTagKeyList Obtains the TagKey list of the instance
ExploreHiTSDBInstanceDataTagValueList Obtains the TagValue list of the instance
ExploreHiTSDBInstanceData Obtains the time series of the instance
ExploreHiTSDBInstanceDeletionJobList Obtains the list of deleted job records. This API marks the jobs as “data deletion jobs” or “time series deletion jobs” according to the job type.
UpdateHiTSDBInstanceDataTtl Updates the data expiry time
ModifyHiTSDBInstanceClass Modifies the instance class, only supports modification and expansion operations between shared instances
CreateHiTSDBInstance Creates a Time Series Database (TSDB) instance