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Last Updated: Jan 25, 2018


This API supports both replica set instances and sharded cluster instances.

Input parameters

NameTypeRequired or notDescription
ActionStringYesRequired parameter; value: ModifySecurityIps.
DBInstanceIdStringYesInstance ID
SecurityIpsStringYesList of IP addresses under the IP address whitelist array. The list contains up to 1,000 IP addresses, separated by commas. Supported formats include, (IP), and (Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) mode. 24 represents the length of the prefix in an IP address. The range of the prefix length is [1,32]). Up to 800 IP address whitelists are supported.
ModifyModeStringYesModification method. Optional values are as follows:
- Cover: Cover the original whitelist.
-Add: Add a whitelist.
- Delete: Delete the whitelist.
SecurityIpGroupNameStringNoName of the modified group. Default value: Default.
SecurityIpGroupAttributeStringNoGroup attribute. If the parameter is left blank, the response parameter is not modified.

Response parameters

Public response parameters-For more information, see public response parameters.