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Last Updated: Jan 24, 2019

Resource management


API Description Version
DeleteUserDefineRegionRequest Deletes a list of private regions 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
InsertOrUpdateRegionRequest Creates or edits a logical region 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
ListAliyunRegionRequest Returns a list of Alibaba Cloud regions. 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
ListEcuByRegionRequest Returns a list of ECS instances according to the specified region ID 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
ListUserDefineRegionRequest Returns a list of private regions 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
MigrateEcuRequest Migrates ECS instances to the specified region 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
QueryMigrateRegionListRequest Queries a list of regions that support migration 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
QueryMigrateEcuListRequest Queries a list of ECS instances that can be migrated 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT


API Description Version
DeleteEcuRequest Deletes the specified ECU instance 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
ListApplicationEcuRequest Returns a list of ECU instances 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
ListScaleOutEcuRequest Returns a list of scalable ECS instances (Call this API before you create or scale up an application.) 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT


API Description Version
DeleteClusterMemberRequest Deletes a cluster instance 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
DeleteClusterRequest Deletes a cluster 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
InsertClusterRequset Creates a cluster 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
ListClusterMembersRequest Returns an ECS instance list according to the specified cluster ID 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
ListClusterRequest Returns a cluster list 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT

Resource group

API Description Version
ListResourceGroupRequest Returns a list of resource groups 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
ListSlbRequest Returns a list of SLB instances 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
ListVpcRequest Returns a list of VPCs 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT

Application management


API Description Version
BindSlbRequest Binds an SLB instance 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
DeleteDeployGroupRequest Deletes a group 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
InsertDeployGroupRequest Creates a group 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
ListApplicationRequest Returns an application list 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
ListBuildPackRequest Returns a list of container versions 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
ListDeployGroupRequest Returns a list of deployment groups 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
GetApplicationRequest Returns application information 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
GetContainerConfigurationRequest Returns the Tomcat setting of an application or a group 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
GetJvmConfigurationRequest Returns the JVM setting of an application or a group 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
QueryApplicationStatusRequest Queries an application 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
UnbindSlbRequest Unbinds an SLB instance 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
UpdateApplicationBaseInfoRequest Configures the basic application information 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
UpdateContainerConfigurationRequest Configures the Tomcat setting of an application or a group (including groups) 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
UpdateHealthCheckUrlRequest Configures a health check URL 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
UpdateJvmConfigurationRequest Configures the JVM setting of an application or a group 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT

Life cycle

API Description Version
DeleteApplicationRequest Deletes an application instance 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
DeployApplicationRequest Deploys an application 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
GetChangeOrderInfoRequest Returns change details 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
InsertApplicationRequest Creates an application 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
ListHistoryDeployVersionRequest Returns a list of history application versions 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
ListRecentChangeOrderRequest Returns a list of history changes orders 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
ResetApplicationRequest Resets an application 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
RollbackApplicationRequest Rolls back an application 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
ScaleInApplicationRequest Deprecates an application instance 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
ScaleOutApplicationRequest Scales up an application instance 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
StartApplicationRequest Starts an application 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
StopApplicationRequest Stops an application 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT


API Description Version
QueryMonitorInfoRequest Queries monitoring information 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT

Account management

API Description Version
AuthorizeApplicationRequest Authorizes an application 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
AuthorizeResourceGroupRequest Authorizes a resource group 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
AuthorizeRoleRequest Authorizes a role 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
DeleteRoleRequest Deletes a role 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
ListAuthorityRequest Queries all permissions 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
ListRoleRequest Returns a role list 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
ListSubAccountRequest Returns a subaccount list 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
InsertRoleRequest Creates a role 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
UpdateAccountInfoRequest Edits account information 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
UpdateRoleRequest Edits a role 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT

Global configuration management

API Description Version
DeleteConfigCenterRequest Deletes configuration 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
InsertConfigCenterRequest Adds (updates) configuration 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
ListConfigCentersRequest Returns the global configuration list 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
QueryConfigCenterRequest Queries configuration 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT

Service Management

API Description Version
DeleteServiceGroupRequest Deletes a service group 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
InsertServiceGroupRequest Creates a service group 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
ListConsumedServicesRequest Queries a list of consumed services 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
ListPublishedServicesRequest Queries a list of published services 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
ListServiceGroupsRequest Queries a list of service groups 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT

Throttling and downgrade

API Description Version
DeleteDegradeControlRequest Deletes the downgrade configuration 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
DeleteFlowControlRequest Deletes the throttling configuration 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
DisableDegradeControlRequest Disables the downgrade function 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
DisableFlowControlRequest Disables a throttling rule 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
EnableDegradeControlRequest Enables the downgrade function 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
EnableFlowControlRequest Enables a throttling rule 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
InsertDegradeControlRequest Adds a downgrade configuration 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
InsertFlowControlRequest Adds a throttling configuration 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
ListDegradeControlsRequest Returns the downgrade configuration list 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
ListFlowControlsRequest Returns the throttling configuration list 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
UpdateDegradeControlRequest Updates the downgrade configuration 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT
UpdateFlowControlRequest Modifies the throttling configuration 2.16.0-SNAPSHOT

Kubernetes applications of Container Service

API Description Version
BindK8sSlb Binds an SLB instance for the Kubernetes application of Container Service 2.16.1-SNAPSHOT
DeleteK8sApplicationRequest Deletes a Kubernetes application of Container Service 2.16.1-SNAPSHOT
DeployK8sApplicationRequest Deploys a Kubernetes application of Container Service 2.16.2-SNAPSHOT
ImportK8sCluster Imports a Kubernetes cluster of Container Service 2.16.1-SNAPSHOT
InsertK8sApplication Creates a Kubernetes application of Container Service 2.16.2-SNAPSHOT
ScaleK8sApplicationRequest Scales up or deprecates a Kubernetes application instance of Container Service 2.16.1-SNAPSHOT
UnbindK8sSlb Unbinds an SLB instance for the Kubernetes application of Container Service 2.16.1-SNAPSHOT
UpdateK8sApplicationConfig Sets a Kubernetes application of Container Service 2.16.1-SNAPSHOT
UpdateK8sSlb Updates the SLB instance for the Kubernetes application of Container Service 2.16.1-SNAPSHOT