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Last Updated: Nov 16, 2018


Returns the throttling configuration list.

Request URL


Request method


Request parameters

Parameter Type Required? Description
appId String Yes Application ID

Response parameters

Parameter Type Description
Code Integer Code
Message String Message
FlowControlsMap FlowControlsMap Throttling data


Parameter Type Description
AppId String Application ID
AppName String Application name
InterfaceMethods InterfaceMethods Information of the interface method for throttling
RuleList RuleList A list of throttling rules
AppList AppList A set of traffic-limited applications


Parameter Type Description
Name String Name of the service interface
Version String Service version
Methods List<String> A set of methods specific to the service interface


Parameter Type Description
AppId String Application ID
ConsumerAppId String Application that is throttled
CreateTime Long Creation time
Granularity String Throttling granularity
Resource String Name of the interface method
RuleId String Rule ID
RuleType String Rule type
State Integer Throttling status. The value 1 indicates that throttling is disabled; the value 0 indicates that throttling is enabled.
Strategy String (Reserved) Throttling policy
Threshold Integer Throttling threshold
UpdateTime Long Update time


Parameter Type Description
AppId String Application ID
Name String Application name
RegionId String Region ID
Description String Application description
Owner String Application creator
InstanceCount Integer Number of included application instances
RunningInstanceCount Integer Number of running application instances
Port Integer Port occupied by the application
UserId String Primary account ID
SlbId String ID of the intranet-based SLB instance
SlbIp String IP address of the intranet-based SLB instance
SlbPort Integer Port occupied by the intranet-based SLB instance
ExtSlbId String ID of the Internet-based SLB instance
ExtSlbIp String IP address of the Internet-based SLB instance
ApplicationType String Application deployment type, which can be War (WAR package deployment) or FatJar (JAR package deployment). If this parameter is set to null, the application is not deployed.
ClusterType Integer ClusterType Integer Environmental type of the application cluster. Optional values: 0 (common Docker cluster); 1 (Swarm cluster); 2 (ECS cluster); 3 (Kubernetes cluster); 4 (automatically registered Pandora cluster).
ClusterId String Cluster ID
Dockerize Boolean Indicates whether the application is a Docker application
Cpu Integer Number of CPU cores
Memory Integer Memory size (MB) configured for the application instance
HealthCheckUrl String Health check URL
BuildpackId Long Container version ID
CreateTime Long Creation time